Wellshine was founded in 2009 and since then we have evolved the franchise to be, in our opinion; the brightest opportunity in our sector, with the best support and most comprehensive franchise packages. Our experience and proven track record presents a genuine opportunity for you to grow a highly successful cleaning and domestic help business.

Whilst no experience in the sector is required, we are recruiting only dedicated professionals with good business acumen and as such, any application to open a franchise will be subject to you holding these qualities.

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Our main services include:


Domestic & Commercial Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Wellshine is a one-stop provider for all forms of both home help and cleaning, offering a flexible range of services to both the elderly, busy professionals and commercial customers too

The Wellshine franchise packages are flexible, this allows our franchisees to focus on the services they wish to offer and build up their franchise according to their area of expertise. Wellshine cleaning is not just cleaning homes. We offer professional cleaning services to both domestic and commercial clients. The types of booking that franchisees commonly receive are for end of tenancy cleaning, new build cleaning, regular services and oven cleaning.
The professional nature of the Wellshine brand means that our franchisees often build a great client relationship with doctor’s surgeries, school and estate agents.

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    The UK’s only Cleaning Franchise to not take a share of YOUR profits.

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    Wellshine franchisees are able to offer an exceptional service to both domestic and commercial clients, with the ability to offer stain removal, upholstery cleaning and stair cleaning. The Wellshine package would suit anyone that has an interest in providing great customer service and that has an eye for detail.

    With more and more people across the UK in need of support and help around the home. Wellshine is able to provide a reliable and trusted solution. The home help service of our franchise involves running errands for clients, shopping, ironing and laundry. Our Wellshine franchise also includes the option of pet care. These options are generally taken as a regular service to provide the client with a trusted support system.

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    I had been working for myself for a while and decided to try and expand using a branded name. Having experienced other cleaning agencies and not completely agreeing with how clients are passed to different operatives on a regular basis, I decided to try and do things a little different and offer a more personal service that people felt entirely comfortable and confident with. I thought having the branded name behind me would offer that extra bit of quality that would hopefully make my clients more confident in the services I provide. Having been running for nearly a year now it has been a decision that could not have worked better, my business has grown and this has given me the confidence to expand quicker than I ever imagined I could.

    My name is Leke and I used to work with another cleaning company a few years ago but due to some problems with them I left. I then became a security guard for a company called security services before leaving and working at Tesco. These jobs have helped me learn how to deal with people and understand their needs. I really enjoy helping people out and making sure they’re okay. This is why I chose Wellshine. I love to clean and make people happy.

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